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SOUQ Com Egypt launch Academy of E-commerce

SOUQ Com Egypt Company announced – the largest online shopping in Egypt and the Arab region – the launch of a joint initiative with the Foundation “Education for Employment – Egypt”, with a view to the establishment of the first specialized academic training and rehabilitation of human resources for the work of the e-commerce companies.

And announced Shahinaz Ahmed, chief executive of the Foundation “Education for Employment – Egypt” in Egypt, that under the joint cooperation with Souq com, graduated the first class in the 120 young men and women, after passing the first specialized training program in the field of e-commerce in Egypt, is specifically designed to provide young people with all the requirements of e-commerce companies work, cross-trained specialists in this area .. Souq com Egypt has appointed a large number of these, while the rest of the group is directed to meet the needs of other e-commerce companies.

He announced Omar Sadodi, general manager of the Souq.com Egypt, that reality imposes on us the responsibility to contribute to the development of the e-commerce sector, which would contribute in strengthening its role in the Egyptian economy and economic and social development.

He said: “We are in the market dot com do not look to the social responsibility of the company, as a mere initiative to extend a helping hand to the community, but a fundamental element of our business strategy, which we seek to link the success, we’re making and economic and social progress in Egypt in general” .

The Education Foundation for Employment – Egypt Egyptian Society is a non-profit, an affiliate of the Education for Employment and purpose of the global rehabilitation and employment of unemployed youth, as well as the supply of qualified human cadres companies in accordance with the highest professional levels.
The training program aims to provide companies with qualified human cadres to work as in this area specialists in accordance with the highest professional standards, that may help it develop its business and expansion projects at the level of the Republic.

The program combines the expertise of each of the Foundation “Education for Employment – Egypt” outstanding in the field of personnel training and practical experience based on the successes, achievements Souq com like Souq KSA and Souq UAE or Souq Kuwait , where he gets trainee the best talent in the field of e-marketing, media and social networking, and content management, information and management working with suppliers, as well as shipping and delivery to the consumer.

E-commerce is one of the main engines of economic growth in Egypt, and particularly in terms of job creation .. Despite the political challenges, which in Egypt after the revolution, the record of this sector over the past two years high growth rates, with the increasing adoption of consumers shopping online, as well as the many burdens, which led to the decline of traditional trade in the field of retail .. With enhanced awareness of consumer benefits realized by the e-shopping, the retail industry is the other has been expanding electronically through various channels so as to enhance the network stores and branches in Egypt .. The sector has also especially attractive for young people wishing to get a job, especially since the facts are that the unemployment rate among young people between the ages of 15 and 29 years old up to 80%.

The Egypt witnessed during the past two years since the start of the revolution, a boom in the number of users social networking sites and the Internet in general, where the estimate is that the number of Internet users up to about 31 million people with 27% of the population, but the most significant in this regard is The base tend to prefer online shopping is growing steadily, and that the global retail companies put Egypt ranked No. 12 as the best global markets regarding investment strategies and expansion .. The number of Facebook users are currently about 5 and 11 million citizens in Egypt.

Said Shahinaz Ahmed, chief executive of the Foundation “Education for Employment – Egypt,” We fully appreciate the role played by the Souq com Egypt company, a leading in online Shopping in Egypt , especially with regard to faith in the capabilities of youth and young Egyptians and the importance of providing training and employment opportunities for create professional cadres necessary for the labor market.

We are very pleased to cooperate with Souq com, which began about two years ago during which the company presented many opportunities for young people bowed became 40% of the employees of Souq Egypt of trainees at our institution.

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